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Cleaning and Care for your custom bra

To clean bra, we recommend hand washing with a very mild detergent (ex: wool light.) You can put in washing machine on delicate. HANG DRY. To get dirt/debris from underside of bra: vacuum, brush or use the "old tape around the hand trick" before installing. We do not recommend using any type of vinyl protectant as this is often greasy/sticky and only attracts the dirt. Store in bra storage bag provided.


Trapped moisture under a bra can cause clouding of the paint. Your mask is constructed of a “breathable” perforated vinyl that helps allow moisture that might collect from rain, dew or other reasons to pass through the bra becomes wet, rather than remain trapped. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that if the underside of your mask becomes wet, you should remove it and allow it to dry COMPLETELY before installation. If clouding occurs from trapped moisture, Wardlow Kustom Masks shall not be responsible or liable. Note: Your fenders/front end of your car should be free of dirt, sand & dust.

Repainted areas of your car om contact with our product must be completely cured. If unsure, consult your painter.

Buyer uses at own risk. There is no warranty on this product against damage to your vehicle.


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