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Wardlow Kustom Mask Company Historys

We have been making bras for over 30 years. We are your bra and bugscreen specialists!

Joe and Solveig LanceWardlow Kustom Masks was created by Joseph & Solveig Lance and officially established in 1981. After building the well known 1934 Ford, chopped, hugger-orange, 5-window Coupe that you see in all our advertisements and literature, Joe wanted something to protect his beautiful investment and expensive paint job. So, he designed a bra. Soon thereafter, his friends were asking him to build them a bra for their cars. Before you knew, it he had a small mail order business which his wife and kids operated. Today, we are still family owned and operated and have branched into a Large U.S. and International mail order business with dealer distributions and internet sales at www.wardlowbras.com.

Joe Working on measurementsJoe, an only child, was born in Omaha, Nebraska. He passed away on May 22, 2000, at the age of 64. His passion for classic cars shined even as a young child. He built his first car as a teenager. His chosen career as an automobile upholster began in the 1950’s. He moved his family to Long Beach, California in 1965 where he began working for Wardlow Top Shop and Upholstery, Est. 1947. This business was located at Wardlow Rd & Lime Ave and that’s where the name, “Wardlow” comes from. In 1970, he bought the business. He out grew that location and moved a few blocks over to Atlantic Avenue, where we are located today.

Sue LanceSue was born in Hedemora, Sweden. She passed away July 05, 2007, at the age of 67. She also was an only child and unfortunately lost both of her parents by the tender age of 17. She was a determined, stubborn Swede and she learned the English language and came to the United States in 1958 at the age of 19. She became a dental assistant in Florida, where she met Joe. They married in 1963 and had 4 children, Steve, Mike, Leslie and Kristina. After raising the children, she helped Joe run the business.

Joe and Sue started with the NSRA in the late 1970’s and really enjoyed being a vendor. They enjoyed talking with fellow car enthusiasts and developed many wonderful, long lasting friendships. While Joe was out making new car bra patterns, Sue would stay in the booth and talk to everyone. She had a rye, charming, sense of humor. Folks adored her because she loved to give ‘em a hard time if they modified their car. If you ever watched how Joe made a bra, then you definitely know how talented he was! He could take scraps of vinyl, piece them together just right and before you knew it, he’d made a perfectly form fitting bra. His ability to conform material to compound curves was just amazing!

Joe and Sue worked side by side for many years. They made a Great Team and are dearly missed!

Seve and Kristina WestoverWe take great pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our work. We are very proud to be one of the few family owned and operated businesses. The owner today is the youngest daughter, Kristina Westover. You will see her and her family at the various shows the company attends. We strive to provide strong customer service and satisfaction. We manufacture our own products. Each and every product is individually hand cut, sewn and made by a human being. Each one is specially made in Long Beach, California, USA. Every product is made is just for you!

Some people are hesitant to put a bra on their car, in fear it will ruin their paint. When properly installed and cared for, it really protects your investment. We have hundreds of testimonies from you, the Street & Hot Rodders, thanking us for our superior product. You’ve expressed how your bra has saved your fenders when struck by a rock or object, kicked up by the trucker next to you. How much time was saved when cleaning your car once you got to your destination. How much money you’ve saved by not having to touch up your paint at the end of each season. Bras may not be the prettiest things to look at on the front of your beautiful car. But after all, isn’t the purpose to protect your investment?


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